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Denim – stylish, practical, timeless

Blue fabric with a history

17 October 2020 – 5 April 2021

Ich freue mich, vom 17. Oktober bis  5. April 2020 an der Sonderausstellung Denim - stylisch, praktisch, zeitlos im Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel mit einer Designkreation teilnehmen zu dürfen. Nähere Informationen

I feel very honoured that one of my design hats will be integrated in the exhibition Denim - stylish, practical, timeless.

The special exhibition will take place from 17th October till 5th April 2020 in the Toy Worlds Museum Basle, Switzerland. More information.

Denim is an essential part of many people’s basic wardrobe. Almost everyone owns at least one denim item. Today, however, denim is much more than just a fabric for clothing. One might think that denim and art have nothing to do with each other. Far from it. Many artists around the world have discovered denim as a material in its own right. This unique special exhibition shows the versatility and history of this popular material. 

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